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Yolanda has worked with some amazing talent in L.A.
Check out what they had to say about their experience below.
Choreography and Casting

Music Video Choreography for Ky Balwin for DreamWorks TV.

" Yolanda was very passionate, organized and loads of fun!"

Ky just got cast into the NEW MICKEY MOUSE CLUB! He played the young Peter Allen in the Tele Movie "Not the boy next door" which he won AACTA award, a TV Week  Logie Award and was a finalist on Australia's got Talent and The Voice kids Australia. Managed by Justin Bieber 's management team.

​Live Performance Review

Yolanda’s insightful observations and comments were invaluable!

Yolanda saw me perform just once yet she was instantly able to hone in on what was unique about my style, what things I did well and how I could improve. 

While I was already aware of some aspects I knew I could develop what amazed me was how quickly she seemed to pick up on everything about me and how well she “got me” and knew where I wanted to “Go”! 

Yolanda was able to give me pointers, tips and recommendations that would steer my performance in a classier more polished direction. She is so perceptive!

 Everything she brought to my attention was done in a friendly, positive and professional manner. 

I can’t recommend her highly enough. If you can possibly take advantage of her services you should do so! It will enhance your career objectives.

DaniElle DeLaite
Los Angeles based Recording Artist / Performer / TV Host 

​Live Performance Review

“I’ve been performing for well over a decade with hundreds of shows in multiple continents under my belt and while it’s nice to hear from your mates top fans that your gig was “great”, that doesn’t help you become the best you can be. No matter what level you are at, if you want to grow as an artist I believe it’s necessary to regularly welcome constructive criticism from an impartial party like Yolanda Thomas.
I recently wanted to clarify what parts of my set were/weren’t working so I invited Yolanda to a solo acoustic show to give me a performance feedback review.
She analyzed every aspect of my gig and gave detailed feedback on set flow, vocal performance, banter (including social media push), audience connection/reaction, etc. She even gave me “fly on the wall” quotes from male and female audience members which was something I’d never had access to before.  
Whether you need some direction to inspire growth, or just a reassuring confidence boost, a refresher like this is invaluable. If your feedback is positive or negative, you will know why and what you can do to improve.
Would recommend to a friend ;)"

​Vocal and Harmony Coaching with whole band

"Awesome! Can't thankyou enough Yolanda. You ROCK!!!!!! 

We invited Yolanda to our lock-out rehearsal studio as the bass player and I  wanted to work on our harmony blend. Yolanda made suggestions that INSTANTLY made changes for the better. She gave me tips on how to make my voice last on tour and not sound PUSHED which instantly improved my pitch. 
In an hour and a half i feel i saved myself 4 months worth of voice lessons. Totally worth the price!
We are going to book another session but this time for 'Movement'. These are not 'dance lessons' because we are a rock band, but instead a way to raise the energy on stage through more movement, without feeling awkward."

 Greg Martin 
Lead Vocals and GuitarIist of Los Angeles rock/pop-punk band- HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED

​Gig preparation

Chill EDM artist​

"Thankyou so much for making my first performance in LA  a success!
You're the best teacher and I'm so grateful for you!"

Live gig Feedback

Young L.A based band

​​"Hi Yolanda.The band went through your notes and suggestions yesterday at rehearsals and i just wanted to say THANKYOU!
They were very helpful and appreciated."

- Elisha Soronio (lead singer)

Performance Coaching

" Yolanda rocks! She is the best when you really need an honest coach to support your child or artist on this journey called 'Being a Star'.
She gets it, will pinpoint mistakes and areas for improvements while celebrating your child's true talent. We would never work in the LA area with anyone else."

-Keri Vignola Ingvarsson- Gen Art